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Olive Wood Wall Cross W/ Pewter Crucifix. Special attention is given to detailing every inch of this hand-carved cross. The rich color and interesting veins are characteristic of the beautiful Bethlehem Olive Wood. This Cross comes ready to hang with an explanation card. About 10" in height

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    Why the Bethlehem Olive Tree is our choice for artistic creations:

    Since 1880, our family has been a dedicated provider of holy items made from superior qualities of olive wood. To preserve the artistic lifestyle that we hold so dear, every October, we gather the olive trimmings from the Bethlehem Olive Trees.

    These pieces of wood let us craft unique artefacts and holy replicas for your home. Several generations have kept the ethereal artwork alive letting you bring a piece of the Holy Land to your home and heart.

    Olive wood from Bethlehem, as the name suggests, is wood from the abundant olive trees in the area of Bethlehem in Israel. These olive trees have grown in the area since around 4000 BC. These trees often live for hundreds and thousands of years, developing a distinctive patina and appearance. The finished wood has a marbled pattern that can include colors such as cream, gray, deep brown, and black.

    There is a great deal of lore surrounding the olive trees in this region due to their unique life cycle. When an olive tree is around two centuries old, a new shoot springs from its base. The old tree is replaced by this new shoot. For this reason, many people call this tree "immortal." The continuous rebirth of this tree is seen as symbolic of the rebirth of Christ as well as of Christians when they are born again.

    Choosing our authentic gifts allows us to continue offering religious artwork for the world to enjoy:

    Our Christian family has spent several generations honing our skills and creating wondrous works of art from the branches of native olive trees. We believe our creations will help you find peace and comfort in sad and happy times.

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