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A Catholic Survival Guide for Times of Emergency Share   Author: Deacon Nick Donnelly
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    This short book was written during the COVID-19 pandemic when churches were closed in response to rising infections and deaths around the world. One thing we have learnt from this crisis is that life-changing emergencies can hit at any time. During times of personal, family or national emergency it may not be possible to have recourse to the sacraments or the assistance of clergy at the very moment you desperately need them. Understandably, this can cause great distress and anxiety....

    The Life And Glories Of Saint Joseph Author: Edward Healy Thompson
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      No words of St. Joseph are recorded In Scripture. In fact. little mention is made of him there. Yet. despite these seeming limitations. the Church nonetheless possesses an indescribably rich knowledge of St. Joseph and of his cultus. This book will astound most readers both with its scope and with its profundity. Based mainly on Scripture. but supported also by Tradition and the depositions of saints. it is a carefully reasoned analysis of the entirety of that great saint's role in the history...

      Biblia de mi primera comunión (Marfil)
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        Biblia De Mi Primera Comunión is the perfect gift for little Catholics from parents, godparents, pastors, or any special person in their life and the perfect way to encourage children s love for the Lord, present in the Holy Eucharist.Your child's First Holy Communion is one of the most solemn and significant days in his or her life. And there is no better way to mark this special occasion than with Biblia De Mi Primera Comunión, new from Saint Benedict Press. This beautiful Bible Story book...

        St. Jude Thaddeus, Helper in Desperate Cases
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          Prayer to St. Jude Thaddeus for a Special FavorO glorious Apostle St. Jude Thaddeus, true lover of Jesus and Mary, I greet thee through the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Through this Heart I praise and thank God for all the graces He has bestowed upon thee. Humbly prostrate before thee, I implore thee, through this Heart, to look down upon me with compassion. Despise not my poor prayers; let not my trust be confounded; to thee God has granted the privilege of aiding mankind in the most desperate...

          The Life Of The Blessed Virgin Mary: From The Visions Of Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich
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            Incredibly revealing and edifying background of Our Lady, her parents and ancestors, St. Joseph, plus other people who figured into the coming of Christ. Many facts described about the Nativity and early life of Our Lord, as well as the final days of the Blessed Mother–all from the visions of this great mystic. Impr. 411 pgs, PB

            Saint Monica (332-387): Model of Christian Mothers
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              The famous persevering mother whose prayers, patience and good example at last obtained the conversion of her wayward son - the great St. Augustine - as well as her pagan husband and her mother-in-law. Includes her childhood, difficult marriage, anguish over Augustine, constancy and - in the end - her joy at his conversion. A magnificent story of prayer finally answered! Impr. 115 pgs 4 Illus, Paperback

              The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
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                The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus ChristThis book helped inspire Mel Gibson to make the movie, "The Passion of the Christ." Faithful to the Bible story of the Passion and death of Jesus, it fills in many details and is edifying and inspiring beyond belief; plus, it is surprising and heart-rending. It will melt a heart of stone. This book is the best on the Passion we have seen. It is also wonderful on the Blessed Mother's role in our redemption. Includes a short biography of Sr. Emmerich....

                The Little Flower Prayerbook: A Carmelite Manual of Prayer
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                  The Little Flower Prayerbook: A Carmelite Manual of Prayer The Little Flower Prayerbook is a vintage manual of prayers combined with a treasury of St. Thérèse's spiritual writings that showcases the wisdom and contemplation she achieved in her short lifetime.Originally published in 1926 and faithfully re-typeset by TAN Books, The Little Flower Prayerbook: A Carmelite Manual of Prayers is an introduction to the time-honored Carmelite prayers and devotions that St. Thérèse herself practiced...

                  Divine Mercy for Children: A Guided Tour of the Museum of Mercy by Vinny Flynn
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                    Discover the wonders and secrets of Divine Mercy! In this adaptation of his best-selling 7 Secrets of Divine Mercy, Vinny Flynn, one of the country’s foremost experts on Divine Mercy, leads young people on an exploration through the “Museum of Mercy.” Within the halls and rooms of this museum, they’ll discover: the amazing relationship the Holy Trinity wants to have with them,the inspiring story of St. Faustina and her visions of Jesus,an explanation of powerful passages from St. Faustina’s...

                    Moments Divine: Before the Blessed Sacrament
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                      Moments Divine: Before the Blessed SacramentThis pious book is especially suited for use any time before the Blessed Sacrament. Each of the 30 chapters contain true stories, various prayers, an Act of Contrition, Sacred Heart reading, Spiritual Communion and so much more. Newly released in a simulated leather binding, it will enrich any devotional collection and inspire greater love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Paperback

                      The Way of the Cross: According to the Method of St. Alphonsus Liguori
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                        Easily the most popular and best-loved Way of the Cross ever. Traditional, edifying pictures. The Stabat Mater in Latin and in English.Paperback; 36 pages

                        Raising Catholic Kids For Their Vocations by John & Claire Grabowski
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                          A practical guide for parents who want to form their children in the faith.The mission of every married couple is to generously welcome children as gifts from God…then what?As any parent knows, raising children is beautiful, exhausting, and often bewildering. And then we have their vocations to think about. It’s the job of parents to raise children who are able to cultivate the gift of Faith and really listen to what God is calling them to do with their lives.While God gives all the grace and...