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Believing in Jesus A Popular Overview of the Catholic Faith
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    Believing in JesusA Popular Overview of the Catholic FaithRevised Sixth Edition. Begins with an overview of the Bible and salvation history, then discusses who Jesus is and what he taught. Also reviews basic Catholic teaching on the sacraments and commandments. Includes discussion questions after each chapter and notes on how to use the book as part of an RCIA program. Revised 6th edition is current with church documents and events, including cross-references to the Catechism of the Catholic...

    Embracing Motherhood
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      Popular author Donna-Marie Cooper OBoyle is back, this time with a book that addresses the vocation of motherhood, with all its joys and challenges. Using personal recollections, stories, Scripture, papal writings, and quotes from the saints, Donna-Marie encourages women to fully embrace their calling as mothers. The book takes an honest look at family planning, raising sons and daughters in our media age, overcoming perfectionism, single parenting, and dealing with the tough issues todays...

      Lenten Reflections From A Father Who Keeps His Promises
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        From Genesis to Jesus, these Lenten reflections based on A Father Who Keeps His Promises highlight biblical characters such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David that lead us to Christ and his sacrifice for us. Delving into the rich history of God's covenant with us, each day's reading gives the reader much to reflect on throughout Lent, culminating with Easter and ending with Divine Mercy Sunday. In addition to the reflection, there is a daily Scripture verse, a prayer, and a relevant...

        Finding New Life In The Spirit Guidebk.Life In Spirit Seminar 0-89283-001-8
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          A companion meditation and Scripture guide for daily use while attending the Life in the Spirit Seminar. Helps participants pray, think and grow throughout the weeks of their seminar. Over 2 million in print. Booklet, 4 x 5.5, 48 pages.

          When You Are An Rcia Sponsor
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            In When You Are an RCIA Sponsor by Rita Burns Senseman reflects on the responsibility and significance of being chosen to share your faith and personal experience with someone less familiar with the path than you. She explains clearly and briefly the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. Her explanation includes a description of the rituals involved in the initiation process as well as a description of the theology of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. She offers suggestions for being a...

            Saint of the Day: The Definitive Guide to the Saints
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              Saint of the Day: The Definitive Guide to the SaintsPaperback | 320 pagesFor more than forty years, Saint of the Day has been a trusted guide, and this latest edition continues the tradition. Newly added saints and blesseds include Oscar Romero, Marie of the Incarnation, François de Laval, Miriam Teresa Demjanovich, Stanley Rother, Pope Paul VI, and Solanus Casey.

              Good News About Sex and Marriage: Answers to Your Honest Questions about Catholic Teaching Audio Book - 6 Compact Discs
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                Christopher West answers the questions about human sexuality and marriage that he always encounters in the numerous adult audiences he addresses. He provides thoughtful responses that present Catholic Church teaching in a fresh, thoroughly appealing, and convincing manner.

                Dawn of the Messiah: The Coming of Christ in Scripture
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                  Dawn of the Messiah: The Coming of Christ in ScripturePerhaps the story of Christ's birth has become almost too familiar.We've heard the story so many times that it fails to shock us: the appearances of the angel, a virgin giving birth, a child placed in a manger, the arrival of shepherds and magi. "But what if we had never heard the story before?" Edward Sri asks. "What if we were first-century Jews hearing this plot for the first time?" Only two Gospels give any details about the birth of...

                  In the Footprints of Francis and the Sultan: A Model for Peacemaking DVD
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                    This two-part film explores a little-known thirteenth-century peace initiative in the Middle East involving Francis of Assisi and Sultan Malek al-Kamil. In 1219, during the Fifth Crusade, Francis took it upon himself to cross battle lines and reach out to the enemy. These countercultural efforts of Francis, a simple friar, and Malek al-Kamil, the leader of the Muslim forces of the Levant, made these men most unusual in their time. This video examines their efforts on behalf of peace in order...

                    Lent With St. Francis: Daily Reflections
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                      Lent calls us to turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel. Few saints have done this more intentionally than St. Francis of Assisi. He lived the teachings of Jesus, often quite literally, from the time of his conversion until his death. In doing so, he inspired people of his own time as well as millions from his day to our own, to do likewise.By pairing the words and deeds of Francis with the Scripture readings for Lent, Lent With St. Francis: Daily Reflections helps readers reflect on...

                      Meeting God in the Upper Room: Three Moments to Change Your Life
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                        Meeting God in the Upper Room: Three Moments to Change Your Life Paperback | 144 pages Recalling his own Holy Land pilgrimage experience, Monsignor Peter Vaghi explores three significant events in the life of the early Church that can be traced back to the Upper Room in Jerusalem: the Last Supper and the institution of the Eucharist, the post-resurrection appearances of Christ to his followers, and the Holy Spirit descending on the apostles at Pentecost. In writing about the Upper Room,...