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The History of Black Catholics in the United States
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    This book makes an extremely valuable contribution to our understanding of African-American religious life by presenting the first full-length treatment of the Black Catholic experience. It should be read by all interested in the history and culture of Black Americans.

    On Becoming Who We Are
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      Addressing the eternal conflict of new ideas challenging old practices, Catholic scholar Barbara Fiand offers a poignant resource for seekers and faithful alike, determined to resolve their own struggles between the rational world and the spiritual one. Identifying numerous moments when old ways of viewing reality begin to crumble in light of new information, Fiand draws freely from the findings of physicists and philosophers to advance her argument that old religions can be remain current,...

      Dear Heart, Come Home: The Path Of Midlife Spirituality Author: Joyce Rupp
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        Dear Heart, Come Home: The Path Of Midlife Spirituality Author: Joyce RuppPAPERBACK Joyce Rupp shares her own midlife journey—its ups and downs—with such honesty and insight that you will surely identify with and benefit from the discoveries she has made along the way. Among them we can find wisdom in the wounds we’ve carried from birth onward, and these wounds can heal; past regrets must be let go lest they cling to us and drain our energy for life; the loving part of us can always...

        The Discernment Of Spirits by Timothy Gallagher 9780824522919
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          St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, is one of the most influential spiritual leaders of all time, yet many readers find his Rules for Discernment hard to understand. What can Ignatius teach us about the discernment of spirits that lies at the very heart of Christian life? In The Discernment of Spirits, Fr. Timothy Gallagher, a talented teacher, retreat leader, and scholar, helps us understand the Rules and how their insights are essential for our spiritual growth today. By integrating...

          Weight Of A Mass: A Tale of Faith
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            Weight Of A Mass: A Tale of Faith With the language and look of a fairy tale, this is a story of what happened when a destitute widow begs only a crust of bread and the miracle that ensues. This award winning book promotes a love of the Eucharist. Beautiful illustrations will draw both children and adults into this charming story. Hardcover

            Ignatian Introduction to Prayer by Timothy M. Gallagher, OMV
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              Ignatian Introduction to Prayer: Scriptural Reflections According to the Spiritual Exercises by Timothy M. Gallagher, OMV This is a book for those who desire to pray with Sacred Scripture. Following the spiritual itinerary of the Spiritual Exercises by Ignatius of Loyola, forty reflections offer a great resource for those beginning to pray with Scripture. They provide accompaniment in the first, tentative steps of such blessed prayer. For those who already practice prayer with Scripture, and...